Making Visions Become Reality

Pikes Peak Waterways is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded on the premise that over a hundred years’ worth of visionary planning and research …is vital to making our region’s waterways sustainable and enjoyable for generations to come. Pikes Peak Waterways serves as a catalyst for change and is turning Fountain and Monument Creek’s challenges into opportunities: opportunities for restoration, opportunities for preservation, opportunities for recreation, and opportunities for community and economic development.

Partners & Collaborators


Redevelopment Opportunities

Corridor redevelopment aligns with PlanCOS goals and this vision. It enhances connectivity, green infrastructure, downtown access, cultural representation, and economic growth, involving 25 acres of new development and 158 acres of redevelopment.

Expanded Park Network

Enhancing waterways through parks boosts tourism and outdoor experiences in Colorado Springs. A new park network with shared maintenance funded by various sources will facilitate this vision.

Trail Connections

Within the downtown Colorado Springs area alone, Pikes Peak Waterways envisions over 23 miles of trails , 18 neighborhood connections, and 9 creek crossings of which can link key destinations and enhancing cycling and stewardship.

COS Creek Plan

The COS Creek Plan lays out a comprehensive vision and strategy to integrate and implement recommendations of multiple planning efforts completed in the recent past to restore the Creek’s environmental qualities, to promote economic vitality, and to greatly enhance and expand the recreational opportunities. Pikes Peak Waterways spearheaded the vision and process that created the COS Creek Plan. This plan is a significant focus of implementation for Pikes Peak Waterways, in collaboration with the City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities. The plan centers on the following four pillars:

Restore the Natural Functions of the Corridor

Create a Premiere Destination for Outdoor Recreation and Leisure

Support Economic Vitality and Revitalization

Build a Strong Sense of Place Unique to Colorado Springs

Get Involved

Pikes Peak Waterways has a variety of ways to get involved. Whether you are an individual who wants to volunteer time, or an organization that wishes to sponsor a section of the creek, a company that chooses to sponsor the organization and projects, or are a grant funder who wants to partner, there are many opportunities to join the movement. Contact the organization with any questions and to become a partner in this journey.

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