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The Fountain and Monument Creek corridor has been the lifeblood of Colorado Springs. The corridor’s rich natural resources sustained Native American tribes and attracted European settlers. General Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs, realized the scenic and recreational value of the area and created a network of parkways that have been a defining element of Colorado Springs’ identity. Over time, the natural character and functions of the corridor have been altered and disconnected, the richness diminished, and the creek access inaccessible.

Pikes Peak Waterways is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was formed to implement the COS Creek Plan and act as a change agent to improve the Fountain Creek Watershed waterways. Pikes Peak Waterways works hand in hand with local, state, and federal organizations to identify the best opportunities for revitalizing the ecosystem, stormwater management, and recreational aspects of the waterways. A unique collaborative agreement between Pikes Peak Waterways, the City of Colorado Springs, and Colorado Springs Utilities exists to ensure implementation of the visionary COS Creek Plan occurs in an impactful and efficient manner.

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