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Monument Creek restoration and Templeton Gap Levee Rehabilitation Project


Fountain Creek, and its tributary Monument Creek, is the main river flowing through the heart of Colorado Springs and has always been the lifeblood of the community. Over the time, the natural character and functions of the creek have been altered, degraded, disconnected and the natural resources diminished. Once fully realized, this proposed Monument Creek restoration and T-Gap Levee Rehabilitation Project will restore the creek’s environmental qualities and rehabilitate the creek corridor.

This multi-phased project will provide immeasurable benefits to the community as it is a comprehensive plan for climate resilient infrastructure and economic development of environmental justice tract using ecosystem restoration and flood risk reduction along Monument Creek and its tributaries in Colorado Springs.

The many benefits of the proposed improvements include increased flood control, improved water quality, reduced sediment supply, aquatic ecosystem restoration, protection and improvements to municipal and agricultural water supply, and opportunities for outdoor recreation and learning.  Additionally, it will ensure the existing 75-year-old T-Gap Levee will continue to function as intended when it was first constructed. The flood control that this levee provides will keep thousands of structures safe from large rain events and in turn be a cost savings to the residents and businesses below the levee that would otherwise be required to buy flood insurance.  This multi-phase project will also add greatly to the local and regional economy and provide a beautiful area for the citizens of our community to cherish and enjoy.

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